Baku City Flood Prevention

SERVICES: Project Liaison, Feasibility and Recommendations

SECTOR: Transport & Infrastructure

CLIENT: Azerbaijan Government


The City of Baku recognised that areas of the city requires a feasibility study be conducted to improve the stormwater management practices. Various stormwater specialists were invited to inspect and report the requirements in key “hot-spot” locations. METSL worked together with the stormwater specialists, various government departments and also provided our own recommendations and practices to improve the stormwater networks.

Part of our recommendations was the inclusion of rainwater catch-pits that can be installed along roads in order to get road surface water into the city stormwater network more efficiently.

We have also been evaluating the possibility of creating stormwater buffer tanks and utilising green/park areas thus allowing large volumes to be retained then released slowly into the city network. This will reduce the necessity to increase the size of the existing below ground stormwater pipes improving both up-stream and down-stream “hot-spots” efficiency.