Who We Are

Established in 2009, METSL has developed into a modern, forward-thinking, collaborative consultancy with a history of accomplishing a range of sophisticated and state-of-the-art projects. We are passionate about making the difference, delivering better outcomes for our clients and doing our part to create prosperous, efficient and biodiverse environments.


Our approach is simple. We do not face any constraints by head office agendas or egos. We continue to build a reliable and trustworthy reputation by demonstrating our expertise, professionalism, and ability to “get the job done” no matter the size or complexity of a project. We challenge each assignment with the same importance and respect, offer independent objective advice, and safeguard clients’ commercial interests embarking on investment programmes. Every sector and market have its own trends and challenges. Still, no matter what we’re working on or where the project is, our approach remains the same: to make sure complexity is managed and our clients’ goals are met.


We are an entirely independent consultancy. This allows us to approach every management task with an independent mindset that our clients highly value, whether they’ve commissioned us to assess a programme’s progress, handle their commercial and project management interests, produce contractor agreements, or project recovery. Our services come with a negotiable fee; however, history shows that sound Project Management creates project value through the reduction of risks, better Health & Safety, increased design performance and a general higher quality standard overall. We can therefore say with assurance that the value creation provided by our services will outweigh the associated services fee.


We aim to become a collaborative partner with each of the project stakeholders by sharing their visions, ambitions, and thrive on their success. We understand that partnerships are developed over time through frequent, open dialogue and thinking from their perspective. We are grateful to have been rewarded for our hard work by receiving repeat business from our Clients and Partners alike. Our clients’ objectives are always our priority – we know that producing results will lead to a long-term relationship, and we’ll never sacrifice this for short-term gain.


Our strong market understanding of Azerbaijan uniquely places us as a reliable collaborator and partner to international companies looking to expand into the growing economy. We are therefore open to share our knowledge and resources with any organisations seeking a mutually beneficial win-win alliance.