Baku Central Park - Phase 2

SERVICES: Project Management, Client Representative, Project QC, Design Peer Review

SECTOR: Mixed-use

CLIENT: Azeravtoyol

SIZE: 64,000m2


More Than Just a Park!

Experts anticipate that more than half of the worlds expected nine billion people will reside in urban cities by 2030. This means that as cities grow and expand, they take over what was rural and semi-rural areas, creating a great emphasis on increasing biodiversity within urban areas.

Phase 2 of the Baku Central Park shall see dense foliage of indigenous trees that will provide wildlife connections between green spaces. According to Japanese botanist, Akira Miyawaki; indigenous trees planted close together grow 10 times faster, generate 100 times more biodiversity and store 40 times more carbon than a conventional forest. The open structures of young trees mean that sunlight can reach the smaller plants, grasses and meadows which attract local pollinators, butterflies, snails and amphibians.

The dense vegetation areas are also a “soft engineering” technique to handle stormwater, where natural flooding and stormwater retention can occur. These “rain gardens” will help grasses, shrubs, perennials and the trees thrive in a rich biodiverse environment. Completion due autumn/winter 2021.