Central Plaza Overpass

SERVICES: Pre-Construction, Project Management, Client Representative, Project Quality Control, Design Peer Review.

SECTOR: Transport & Infrastructure

CLIENT: Azeravtoyol

SIZE: 2x Road Tunnels = 64m long (each), x 4 traffic lanes each. Plaza Overpass = 112 x 64m


The new road tunnels were constructed as part of the Sovetski regeneration and the expansion of the Baku Central Park. METSL Project Management managed the construction of the new tunnels as well as the new plaza spanning over and between each of the tunnels. The plaza or overpass covers two live highways and a total of eight lanes of traffic, each sufficiently wide and high enough to allow HGV’s busses, etc. to safely pass underneath. A landmark project, it is the first of its kind in Azerbaijan, constructed from concrete, architecturally designed curved 3D retaining walls, glass balustrade around the plaza where there is a tea pavilion, water features, an array of planting and seating areas situated.

We led an innovative approach to this project involving extensive off-site fabrication. All beams for the tunnels were pre-cast meaning that the roads were closed for only a number of hours during construction instead of a number of months.