Narimanov Avenue Pedestrian Bridge

SERVICES: Pre-Construction, Project Management, Client Representative, Project Quality Control, Design Peer Review.

SECTOR: Transport & Infrastructure

CLIENT: Azeravtoyol

SIZE: 150m long


Narimanov Avenue is one of the main and busiest roads within Baku сity, providing good access links to areas of the center as well as access to main commuter roads in and out of the city. The pedestrian bridge development was built as part of the Sovetski regeneration and the expansion of the Baku Central Park.

The new bridge is constructed to provide a link for local housing to various elements of the Central Park. The bridge spans a live highway, and had to be sufficiently wide and high enough to allow large vehicles such as heavy goods vehicles, busses, etc. to safely pass below. A landmark project, it is the first of its kind in Azerbaijan, constructed from steel, architecturally designed columns, glass balustrade finished with a stainless streel handrail and continuous LED lighting.

We led an innovative approach to this project involving extensive off-site fabrication. Over 80% of the bridge was built using prefabricated elements and components, maximizing the benefit of pre-assembly techniques. The main bridge span over the live roads was constructed off-site to ensure minimum disruption to the city, construction in-situ would have closed the highway for a number of months, causing an inconvenience to local residence and commuters.

1st and last 3 photos: Alexander Firstov @Bakustreets_life